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Grand Theft Auto (GTA Vice City Stories Download For PC). GTA Vice City Stories is an open-world game that was released in 1984. This is an addictive game because you are free to do anything in this. It is a real story-based game. GTA Vice City Stories is full of advantages and elements that are addictive to its main storyline.

You have to control the life of Corporal Victor Vance, Who has recently transferred to a virtual city. This is why the name is Vice City Stories. The virtual city is also called Vice City. You will have to complete assignments and may discover new opportunities. This is a very exciting game and will be entirely on your recommendations of a that should be.

GTA Vice City Stories GamePlay:

Firstly You have a character named Victor. You have some controls that will help you to play the game. You have to complete assignments and have to complete the missions appointed to you to discover more fun and opportunities. The more you complete tasks, The more you have unlocked your new opportunities.

gta vice city stories pc

There are also weapons and different types of cars that will make you fun. You will feel free to play this GTA Vice City Stories. You have to earn money to buy clothes, weapons, and Health packages. Whether you can get money by killing people. There are also some Cheat codes to hack your game by your choice.

gta vice city stories download apk

GTA Vice City Game Story:

GTA Vice City Stories is all about the real story of Vic Vance. He was betrayed and thrown in the streets. Victor will do what you control him to do. He has to survive alone. You will have a lawyer who will be your friend too. He will guide you to do work as per assign to you tasks, Which will be your missions in the game. Vic Vance will have to work very carefully, One Mistake, and his job will be harder.

Victor Vance (The character of the Game) has a choice, He builds an Empire or be crushed. You will see that this game is full of adventure, Fun, and Joy.

Can You Fly A Car In GTA Vice City Stories?

If you are looking for a solution you can fly a car in GTA VC or not. Then, Of course, The answer is Yes. You can surely fly a car in GTA VC with a cheat code. When you want to fly your car, You just have to type the cheat code and your car will be in the air. When you want to dismiss flying, You have to type that cheat again and your car will be on road.

The cheat code for flying car in GTA Vice City Stories is given below


This is the cheat code that sounds like Come Fly With Me. As per its name, It makes your car fly in the air. And whenever you want to dismiss it, Just type it again.

But always remember that this cheat code is only valid without space in the alphabet. When you type the cheat, do not use the space key in it.

Want GTA Vice City Stories Download For PC?

You can easily download it from Play Store, or App Store on your PC, OR MacBook. If You are having any trouble in the installation or downloading GTA Vice City Stories, CLICK HERE to download directly without any trouble.


GTA Vice City Stories is a very attractive, effective, addictive, and awesome game. Victor Vance is the main character and you are the main player. Just hit the GTA Vice City Stories Download For PCDownload” button and enjoy.

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